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Stewart Collection

Yukon aviation history from the Yukon Transportation Museum

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Gordon Stewart was the son of a prospector who had been in and out of the Yukon since 1892. In the summer of 1929, he secured a job with Yukon Airways & Exploration Company Limited, the Yukon’s first commercial airline. Having left his studies and sweetheart Wilda behind, Gordon was about to embark on both an adventure and a homecoming. He documented the trip with photographs, a diary and correspondence to family and friends.

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Bottles, Boxes, Tins and Labels

Containers from the Dawson City Museum

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Containers - especially bottles and tins - usually outlast their contents. The rigors of northern freighting require sturdy containers and while the contents may be long gone, the Dawson City Museum has hundreds of containers. The boxes, bottles, and tins displayed here provide a good sampling of the museum's historic artifact collection.

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Herta Richter

Footwear from the Herta Richter Collection at MacBride Museum of Yukon History

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During her 31-year nursing career, Herta Richter served in many remote areas of the North. She collected traditional handicrafts and encouraged local people to practice these arts. This diverse collection contains many examples of First Nations footwear made from a variety of animal hides and furs and decorated with beading, embroidery, felt and yarn.

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